Hello my name is JD, I'm the Chief Spice Officer at RedLine Hot Sauce and I’ve been dousing hot sauce on all my food since I was a youngster. The saying “everyone needs a little spice in their life” couldn’t be a more accurate depiction of me. Yep, I’m one of those guys that puts hot sauce on literally everything! Besides the usual foods such as pizza, hotdog, and burgers; I go as far as to put it on ice cream, popcorn and even desserts. I just love the exhilarating experience of slathering a tasty bit of hot sauce on every single bite. I’m a fan of it all; from the taste, to the tingling feeling on my tongue, and most definitely the flavor.    
As I got older, I realized that most popular brands of hot sauce were either too sweet, vinegary or just plain hot. I wanted a perfect balance between both flavors with just the right amount of heat. I noticed that in different parts of the world people tend to have varying preferences in terms of heat and flavor. Most of the popular brands in the U.S. typically focus on implementing more of a vinegary taste and adding an intense heat to the mix. It is apparent that the higher the level of Scorville a sauce has, the more demand there is for the product. On the other hand, popular hot sauces in the Eastern and Southern regions such as Asia and Latin America have a much sweeter and garlic type flavor featuring a more pronounced thicker consistency.
With this knowledge, I decided to create my own hot sauce. I wanted the perfect balance of all three key elements (sweet, vinegary and spicy) in my sauce. However, the development of this concoction was more complex than I’d imagined. The biggest challenge for me was finding the perfect balance between the amount of heat and flavor. I found that adding more heat to the sauce would mask the sweet ingredients, and adding more sweetness would affect the taste of the vinegary flavor. However, when the right amount of vinegar was established it would enhance the taste overall. It was like focusing on one element and diluting the other. In order to achieve the perfect balance, I had to incorporate various unique blends of spices from different parts of the world. After multiple iterations consisting of unforgettable eye burning and mouth numbing experiences. I finally achieved my goal of crafting the perfect bottle of Hot Sauce with the ideal mix of flavor and heat.
Thus RedLine Hot Sauce was born, created with a perfectly balanced blend of spices,all while adding enough heat to “maximize the flavor.”  Thank you for choosing to REV UP THE HEAT & FLAVOR with RedLine Hot Sauce!
*P.S The name was inspired from my drag racing days in the streets of San Diego. 

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